Keren is an active philanthropist.


Partnership with the Children’s Health Study:

Over a Million kids worldwide have participated in this Global Study.

Her team has sponsored over 100 kids to get FREE Fruits and Veggie Chewables in the last eight years. The health improvements are remarkable with her favourite result being that 62% of children were eating more Fruits and Vegetables.

For more information on how to participate: Click here to learn how to sponsor a Child


Partnership with the Tower Garden Growing Program:

She has initiated sustainable RAW FOOD growing programs in more than 10 homes and 10 schools, by use of Tower Gardens.  They were developed by Tim Blank who worked for Disney’s Epcot in the Futuristic Agriculture Growing Section. His Aeroponic Towers use 90% less water to grow organic crops 3x faster. They require no weeding and no watering. Grow your own fresh produce in your home Click Here:

Click here Grow your Own Organics all year long in your own home!


Partnership with The Juice Plus Company:

Supporting transitional farming.  These are farms that switch from spraying chemicals to organic farms.  We do this by consuming a large supply of products that she calls “Healthy Fast Food”

Fruit and Veggie Capsules, Whole Food Complete Shakes and Bars.

She has a mission to get as much plant matter in people’s bodies as possible to help them heal at a cellular level.

To consume the same healthy “fast food” click here:

Click Here to get your Healthy Fast Food

She feels it will take an army of people to help the health of the next generation.  If you or anyone you know is a health advocate and wants to help, click here to join our mission:

Join our Mission to Inspire others to eat healthy


She also supports:


The Heart and Stroke Foundation,

The Hospital for Sick Kids,

(CN Tower Climb for) United Way, and

Project Sunshine.


Keren also works for Tony Robbins as a Crew Member.


She has taken on the position of State Inducer and Leadership roles in changing protocol. For crew details click here:

Click to Crew for Tony Robbins Shows