Prevent burnout so you can Level Up your Energy, Performance and Productivity.

Keren has empowered more than 10,000 people from 5 countries through her audio, video and life training programs, and hundreds of people have attended her live seminars. She created Personal and Professional development programs that people actually get results with and feel better. 

Keren is a founder or partner in more than three companies in various industries, ranging from health and wellness (sports and daily physical performance and energy) and Storyboarding in Business (Using your story to create or enhance your business), including the #1 rated Weight Loss Programs in York Region.

Her Wellness Plans and Products help you function at optimal health.

She has been honored with one of the “Top Business Programs,” as voted by Business Mastery Graduates of Tony Robbins.  As one of the “Top Health Gurus”, Keren’s 21 years in healthcare and business has allowed her to find a unique combination of simple, understandable systems for healing the body and giving you the energy to perform and create at optimal levels to get it all done with more time for important self-care and relationships in your life.

Keren’s private practice in bodywork has her working in the industry 4x longer than the average. She is curious and never stops learning – adjusting new techniques, programs and current technology to get patients the results they don’t get anywhere else. At this stage, Keren gets last resort cases where no one else can figure out or nothing else has helped. She is dedicated to creating a health team for you so you can win at whatever you decide to master.

In her mission to continually impact the lives of thousands, Keren has made headlines by partnering and lending her voice to disruptive companies in the health and wealth industries.

Her work has touched the lives of top athletes, such as:

  • UFC Founders and Champions Royce Gracie 15x Winner, and Royler Gracie 34x Winner and World Championships King of BJJ in the Featherweight division
  • Christopher Rappold, a 6th degree Black Belt and 5x World Karate Champion
  • And Georges St-Pierre UFC 26x Winner

Business leaders seek her advice as well; Author Wasim Hajjiri, Ibrahim Azim Life Coach, Pharmacist, Presenter, Senior Leader Tony Robbins, Craig Goldberg Director of Sales and Marketing for Holistic Health Science, and Dr. Schwartz founder of Bioharmonic Technologies, Radu Palivan High performance coach, Tracee Sheldrake Women Biz Networking Events master, Jonathan Corrente Raw Chocolatier, Jasmine Rutschmann Metal Artist,  are among those who call on her for coaching.

Keren is an active philanthropist: Through her partnership with Children’s Health Study, she has sponsored over 100 kids with free health improvements, in the last seven years.  She has also initiated raw food growing programs in more than 10 schools. Through The Juice Plus Company, supports transitional farming (farms that switch from spraying chemicals to organic farms.) by use of Tower Gardens that use 90% less water to grow the same amount of organic crops.

She also supports The Heart and Stroke Foundation, The Hospital for Sick Kids, (CN Tower Climb for) United Way, and Project Sunshine.

Keren lives in Toronto, Canada, with her 2 sons Nick and Zach.