“I would highly recommend Keren as the very best choice for a massage. As a professional athlete for the past 24 years, I can tell you, I have seen many massage therapists. Never have I found someone with such a keen understanding over the body intertwined with an intuitive and magical touch. Do yourself a favor, don’t spend your time trying to find someone. Get to Keren and know that you are giving yourself or a loved one the very best care available!”

Christopher Rappold, 3-Time World Karate Champion

Chris Rappold


“Keren cares about her patients more than any other therapist I’ve met.  She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need out of your massage therapy experience. I would recommend her as the best massage therapist in Canada!!! I will always look forward to my visits to Newmarket to get an unbelievable massage!”

Royce Gracie, UFC 1 Tournament Winner; UFC 2 Tournament Winner; UFC 3 Tournament Winner; UFC 4 Tournament Winner; UFC Hall of Fame and recipient of  the UFC Viewer’s Choice Award



“For more than 10 years I had constant low back pain that varied from mild to intense. I’ve had massage therapy and chiropractic treatments in the past. They helped but I never got complete relief. Every time I went to pick up one of my kids, or a bag of groceries I would brace myself waiting for the pain. I’ve always had to be careful for fear that my back would flare up worse than it was.  Needless to say, I was astonished when I experienced immediate and complete relief with my very first massage cup treatment!  I’m just thrilled to be feeling so good!

Andrea Collins


“This is a revolutionary technique that has made me feel more loose and pain free than I could ever have imagined. I would definitely recommend Body Works Center massage cupping technique to anyone looking to decrease pain, stiffness or just to friggin relax!”

Ty Reid


I have been suffering with severe Plantar Fasciitis for several years. The only way I have been able to walk around without pain was to wear Crocs 24/7.  I have had treatment for this condition previously with traditional Massage Therapy, which helped for a long time, but was an extremely painful treatment.  I have just finished 8 treatments of Massage Cupping. This treatment is very different. There is virtually no pain at all. In fact, I almost fell asleep on the table – it was awesome!  And while it is great that I have no pain, the best part of it all is that I can wear high heels again!  I would highly recommend this treatment. I feel like I have gotten my life back! Keren, Rob & Rebecca have all been great, thanks so much!

Jackie Davidson


About eight weeks ago, I developed an excruciating pain in my left hup and buttocks radiating down my leg. I also sufferred lameness in my left foot. I was in constant agony, miserable, couldn’t work out or even standin line at the store without feeling pain in my hip or leg or both. I spoke to several people and was advised to seek the help of  a chiropractor, which I was against. I did yoga stretches recomennded to me by the people at the gym. This did not work either. I then contacted Rob Stevens, my massage therapist, which is the person I should’ve spoken to in the first place. He suggested “cupping massage”. At that stage, I was willing to try anything, desperate for relief from the pain. I had my first treatment last week. Immediately after the massage I felt instant relief. I haven’t had one iota of pain since that first treatment. It is absolutely incredible. I am having my second treatment today. I am forever indebted to Rob for suggesting this treatment to me.”

Jacqui Frahm


I strained my left hip playing squash two years ago and after many treatment with massage, the tightness in the IT band just didn’t get better. After two 90 minute cupping treatments with Keren, I am finally walking normally again.

Stephen M.


I’m a bricklayer and I had a bad back for a long time, and I tried chiropractors and physio, acupuncture but nothing gave me relief. But now [my back] feels really loose and its great!”

Tom Minichello


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