The Power Of Simple Changes

Title: The Power Of Simple Changes
Location: Barrie
Description: You are What you Eat! Join us to learn how Positive Choices Make The Positive Difference! Dr Benitez is a General Surgeon, specializing in Diseases of the Breast and Breast Cancer. She feels that the first step in living a healthy lifestyle is understanding the direct connection between nutrition and disease. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help people make informed decisions about simple, beneficial food choices in order to live a life of wellness in today’s world of hectic lifestyles. Empowering individuals to have and take control of their health is a major focus of her practice. She encourages her patients and audiences to take personal responsibility for ones’ health as she believes that his is the key to the future of our health system.
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Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2016-04-07

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